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Dean's next priority is Urgent Care renovations

Facility transformations are continuing

A rendering shows what the Urgent Care waiting room could be.Following improvements for our academic and student affairs spaces and a welcomed hallway renovation, plans for transformation to treatment areas are generating excitement at the West Virginia University School of Dentistry.

The dental school’s main registration and waiting area is slated to become a more inviting place for patients. The Urgent Care Clinic will also be revamped if approved by the WVU Board of Governors in January.

While recruiting and hiring highly qualified dental specialists has been the main priority for dental school dean, Anthony “Tom” Borgia, he is also determined to improve where they work, teach and treat patients.

“We encourage you to help us with the expansion and renovations of our facilities. What we have in facilities is sixty or seventy years old in some areas. We do believe that it's a good reflection of, not only the School of Dentistry, but the university, if we can have new and modern and efficient facilities,” Borgia said.

The WVU Foundation’s annual fundraising event, the Day of Giving, has prompted generous donations in both 2017 and 2018. A Faculty Fund received outstanding alumni support.

“Well, one of my favorite sayings is, ‘Nothing succeeds like success’. From the first Day of Giving we had a minimum $100,000 given, which was then matched by the School of Dentistry Alumni Association. We've now been able to take four of our faculty members and have them receive continued education at higher levels, or they're receiving education that's enhancing the educations they already have,” said Borgia.

Of course, the mission continues to bring our students and patients the best in oral healthcare experts, but leadership is hoping the contribution from dental school supporters will continue on the 2019 Day of Giving on November 13.

“We hope that you'll consider donating to the School of Dentistry for all of its good works, both in academics and in clinical treating the patients and the citizens of West Virginia,” the dean said. “Please join me in making a generous donation, as generous as you can. And, I know that you will see the results of that will be returned to you many times over.”

Friends of the dental school can log on to the dental school’s Day of Giving page at 12:01 a.m., Wednesday, November 13 to make a donation.

If you have questions about giving, email Karen Coombs or call 304-293-1868.


The Urgent Care Clinic waiting room is in need of updates.Urgent Care Clinic renovations are part of a larger plan for updates.The Urgent Care Clinic waiting area is the entrance to a number of other clinics.


The rendering shows plans for an upgraded Urgent Care Clinic

The waiting area for patients would be updated and transformed.