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Career Development

Job Opportunities

 Please review the list below for potential opportunities: this page will be updated once a week with new opportunities. 

Boston Children’s Hospital- Postdoctoral/Staff Scientist- Posted December 13, 2018

WVU Department of Neuroscience- Postdoctoral Fellow- Posted December 13, 2018

Department of Health & Human Services/National Inst. of Health/National Inst. of Mental Health- Postdoctoral Position- Posted December 13, 2018

University of Utah- Postdoctoral Fellow- Posted December 13, 2018

Rutgers University- Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Associate- Neuroscience and Diabetes- Posted December 6, 2018

Merck Sharpe & Dohme Corp. - Sr. Scientist- Posted December 6, 2018

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases- Postdoctoral Fellow in Computational Biology & Microbial Genomics- Posted December 6, 2018

Washington University School of Medicine St. Louis- Postdoctoral Researcher in Microbiology- Posted December 6, 2018

National Cancer Institute- Staff Scientist- Posted November 29, 2018

Ripple Effect Communications, Inc.- Science Officer- Neuroscience- Posted November 29, 2018

National Energy Technology Laboratory- Postgraduate Research Program- Posted November 29, 2018

Northwestern University- Postdoctoral Researcher Position in Molecular & Cellular Mechanisms of Alzheimer’s Disease- Posted November 29, 2018

Texas Biomedical Research Institute- Postdoctoral Scientist- Posted November 8, 2018

US Air Force- Adaptation Physiology- posted November 8, 2018

CDC- Research Participation Opportunities- Posted November 8, 2018

University of Chicago- Postdoctoral Research Associate- Posted November 8, 2018

UT Southwestern Medical Center- Postdoctoral Researcher- Posted November 8, 2018

WVU Department of Neuroscience- Post-Doctoral Fellow- Posted November 8, 2018 

Georgia Tech University- Post-doctoral Positions: Neurobiology of Learning & Memory in Health & Disease- Posted October 25, 2018

Kavo Kerr- Research Scientist- Posted October 25, 2018

University of Pennsylvania- Assistant Professor in the Department of Cancer Biology- Posted October 25, 2018

University of Texas at Houston- Tenure Track Faculty Position in Neuroscience- Posted October 25, 2018

University of Nevada Reno- Assistant/Associate Professor- Biochemistry & Molecular Biology- Posted October 25, 2018

WVU- Post Doctoral Fellow- Microbiology, Immunology, & Cell Biology- Posted October 18, 2018

US Food and Drug Administration- Anti-infectives PK/PD (Clin Pharm/Pharmacometrics) Fellowships- Posted September 25, 2018

Oak Ridge National Laboratory- Advanced Short-Term Research Opportunity- Posted September 25, 2018

The University of Mississippi Medical Center-Post-Doctoral Fellow, Molecular Genetics of hypertensive kidney disease-Posted September 14, 2018

Immunology & Inflammation Research & Early Development Therapeutic Area in Sanofi- Scientist- Posted September 13, 2018

University of Pennsylvania- Postdoctoral Researcher- Posted September 7, 2018

US Food and Drug Administration- Absorption Modeling for Quality Control Fellowship- Posted August 24, 2018

US Army- Analytical Chemistry- Posted August 24, 2018

WVU Post Doctoral Fellow School of Medicine- Posted August 24, 2018

Research Fellow for CDC/NIOSH- Posted August 9, 2018

US Food and Drug Administration- Abuse Deterrence Fellowship- Center for Drug Evaluation & Research- Posted August 8, 2018

US Food and Drug Administration- Gene Therapy- FDA CBER- Posted August 8, 2018

UMass Medical School- Postdoctoral Fellow- Posted August 8, 2018

US Food and Drug Administration- Research on Food Safety & Nutrition using Quantitative Risk Assessment & Ranking- Posted August 2, 2018

City of Hope- Postdoctoral Fellow-Molecular Imaging and Therapy- Posted July 25, 2018

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention- Innovation Research Fellowship- Posted July 11, 2018

US Navy- Combat Casulty Postdoctoral Research- Posted June 27, 2018

US Department of Agriculture (USDA) - Postgraduate Research Opportunity  -Posted June 27, 2018