NIH grants WVU $10.7 million for stroke research

WVU is bolstering its stroke research to lessen the effects of the disease across the state and the nation. Pictured are stroke researcher Sergiy Yakovenko, Ph.D., center, and intern Ruaridh Gollifer, observing Kyla Galbreath, an exercise physiology student. She is walking on a treadmill with sensors that provide data on movement dynamics and behavior for the development of robotic exoskeletons and neural stimulators. Read More »

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Missionary in Madagascar completes WVU nursing degree from afar

Aaron Santmyire, DNP, of Wiley Ford, West Virginia, has lived in Madagascar since 2007 working as a nurse practitioner, a missionary, and a health educator. Read More »

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Study eases fears, helps participants receive necessary dental care

Like the pursuit of a cure for the common cold, Daniel W. McNeil, PhD, has set his sights on finding a remedy for a problem that is not likely to go away any time soon. Read More »

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Meet WVU School of Public Health's first permanent leader

Scientist, educator, administrator, and advocate for a physically active lifestyle, Dean Gregory A. Hand, PhD, MPH, is passionate about improving the health of West Virginians. Read More »

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Graduate student is School of Medicine's first Ruby Fellow

Ruby Scholar Jessica Allen's strong, persevering personality helped her overcome tragedy and generated an interest in a science career. She hopes her work as a researcher in the field of oncology will improve the health and well-being of individuals. Read More »

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