WVU Hospitals receives national designation as Ebola Treatment Center

The WVU Healthcare Ebola Task Force, led by Rashida Khakoo, MD, and including nurses and other health professionals, developed an Infection Protection and Containment Unit (IPCU) at Ruby Memorial Hospital. Read More »

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Dr. Clay Marsh comes home to WVU

Vice President and Executive Dean of Health Sciences Clay Marsh, MD, who is a graduate of the WVU School of Medicine, is dedicated to improving the health of the state’s citizens. Read More »

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WVU occupational therapy student is one of America's up-and-coming Ironman triathletes

Sarah Melanson runs – miles and miles in a row – and never tires. In fact, she swims and cycles like that, too. At just 17, she became the youngest female to ever complete an Ironman distance triathlon, combining a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile run. Read More »

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WVU Clinical and Pharmacologic Research Center is a crucial resource

CPRC Clinical Director Allie Karshenas, PhD, says, while the public may not have a good understanding of clinical trials, it is noble work. The center is engaged with one of the largest generic manufacturers in the world, and what WVU is doing will help millions of people get access to less expensive medicine and improve their healthcare. Read More »

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