Simulation lab under construction for upgrades

The expanded WV STEPS Center will improve computer-based systems, open another simulation laboratory dedicated to mothers and babies that is equipped to simulate the obstetrical environment, and enhance standardized patient and the clinical skills programs. Read More »

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WVU Clinical and Pharmacologic Research Center is a crucial resource

CPRC Clinical Director Allie Karshenas, PhD, says, while the public may not have a good understanding of clinical trials, it is noble work. The center is engaged with one of the largest generic manufacturers in the world, and what WVU is doing will help millions of people get access to less expensive medicine and improve their healthcare. Read More »

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WVU researcher studying effects of nanomaterials during pregnancy

Nanomaterials are present in everyday household products like toothpaste, shampoo, and make-up. Foods such as powdered doughnuts and candy with stamped lettering also contain these tiny particles. Little is known about the effects of nanomaterials on expectant mothers and their babies, but a West Virginia University researcher has received a grant to investigate whether they are safe during pregnancy. Read More »

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Autism research is first biomedical study of its kind at WVU

As more children than ever are being diagnosed with autism and a new generation of parents is raising developing toddlers under a watchful eye, knowledge remains limited. A multidisciplinary team of researchers at West Virginia University hopes to gain some understanding about the mysterious autism spectrum by watching brains in action. Read More »

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WVU medical students meet their match

For four years, students at the WVU School of Medicine worked toward Match Day – the day they learn where they will spend the next several years as resident-physicians. WVU medical students, as well as those throughout the nation, participated in the complex process that matches graduating medical students’ preferences with program preferences. Read More »

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